Top 15 EsyDrive Alternative and Similar Softwares | Jun 2017

EsyDrive is a mobile application that handle text (SMS) messages by reading them aloud and allows you to reply using voice commands. Moreover, it also allows you to handle incoming calls (FULL version only). EsyDrive is a new solution to texting while driving.
Features and benefits
> Read SMS out loud
> Speak your reply message
> No complicated setup
> Customisable auto respond
> No need to pick up your phone to read SMS
> Listen to caller name
> Automatically pickup or reject incoming calls
> Compatible with wired headset and bluetooth headset (A2DP enabled devices only - please see setup info below)
> Shake phone to stop current operation (NEW)
> Support for Chinese (NEW)
What’s included in the FREE version?
> Listen to your SMS read aloud to you
> Say ‘Reply’ to reply to an SMS by voice
> Say ‘Stop’ to cancel.
> Compatible with bluetooth headset
> Complete hands-free solution
What’s included in the FULL version?
To unlock the FULL version, please click 'Unlock application' and follow the steps. (Cost $2.99 AUD)
> Listen to your SMS read aloud to you
> Added 3 more voice commands - 'Repeat', 'Call back', 'Go back'
> Say ‘Repeat’ to listen to the message again
> Say ‘Call back’ to call the person who just texted you
> Say 'Go back' to edit your reply message if you made any mistakes while speaking your reply.
> Listen to incoming caller’s name
> Option to automatically block all incoming calls
> Option to use auto-reply message after rejecting call (combine with auto-block incoming calls)
> Option to automatically answer all incoming calls
> Compatible with bluetooth headset
> Complete hands-free solution
> One-off payment, no subscription fee, no hidden costs ...


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2. Whistle Phone

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3. Gryphn Secure Text Messaging

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4. Mobile Text Alerts

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5. flyp

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6. HelloTxt

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7. AppTones

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8. Comm

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9. Text Messenger 5.0

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10. Just Text

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11. Glyffy

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12. Low

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13. BrowserTexting

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15. Phoneys

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