Top 2 Skyless Alternative and Similar Softwares | Jun 2017

Shoot as many stars as you can through the circle! The difficulty will increase with every hit, try to get the best score and beat them all!

· Relaxing and stress-relieving
· Beautiful graphics and gameplay
· Try to beat your friends and invite them through Facebook, Twitter and more.

1. Paper Planes

Paper Planes Paper Planes is an elegant and relaxing web app for mobile devices that lets you catch and throw paper airplanes alongside other people throughout the world.HOW IT WORKS:Stamp a paper with your locationFold it where you wantThrow it using your phone's accelerometerCatch other plans and check out their stamps. Add......

2. Snow Relax - winter meditation

Snow Relax - winter meditation A real interactive snow on the screen of your phone, tablet or e-book. Swipe the screen and the snowflakes will fly wherever you want. And as the reach the ground you'll see how beautiful frostwork will grow. Just open this app and relax, watching how the snowflakes dance. Perhaps, it's......