Top 15 nvALT Alternative and Similar Softwares | Jan 2021

nvALT is a fork of the original Notational Velocity with some additional features and interface modifications by Brett Terpstra and ElasticThreads.


Auto-pairing and selection wrapping for brackets and quotes ([],(),"",'')
Pin a note to the preview while editing other notes
Shortcut (CMD-Shift-L) for inserting [[Links]]
Better MultiMarkdown 3 support (if installed locally)
Right to Left support
External editor support improved
Simplenote Tag sync1
Textile and (Multi)Markdown support with Preview window (hold down Control to view temporarily)
HTML source code tab in the Preview window for fast copy/paste to blogs, etc.
Unique interface design changes
Customizable HTML and CSS files for the Preview window
Social note sharing via Peggd
Convert imported URLs to Markdown, and optionally strip excess content with Readability
Multi-note tagging with autocompletion
Full-screen mode (requires OS X 10.5 or higher)
Optional menubar and menubar-only modes
Color schemes
User customizable
Collapse/Expand notes list and search field
Improved readability with optional width limit and margins
Really cool scrollbars
Word Count (hold down Option to view temporarily)
Working localizations (French, German, Portuguese) ...

1. Meemo

Meemo Quickly filter and search for notes using categories based on hash tags. Additional full text search allows to find notes, even without tagging and never lose an idea again.......

2. Notational Velocity

Notational Velocity Notational Velocity is a mouseless application for storing and retrieving notes.With Notational Velocity, searching for notes is not a separate action; rather, it is the primary interface. Searching encompasses all notes content and occurs instantly with each key pressed.All content created with Notational Velocity is compressed and encrypted (enabled optionally)......

3. Notezilla

Notezilla Take quick notes on Post-It(r) like sticky notes on Windows desktop, stick those notes to websites, documents & folders. Set reminder alarm to each sticky note. To avoid desktop clutter, you can organize those sticky notes inside folders. Send sticky notes to another computer over local network (LAN) or Internet,......

4. Edgies

Edgies Edgies is a deceptively simple application with a very direct interface and a multitude of uses. Tabs can be created at any screen edge: clicking on a tab causes a memo window to pop out. The memo contains anything you choose to put it in. This may include directly typed......

5. Simple Sticky Notes

Simple Sticky Notes Simple Sticky Notes is a simple, easy-to-use, absolutely free, fast and efficient note taking software. Features: Colorful, transparent and printable notes Hide and Show all notes option Unicode and RichText support Automatic updates and more.........

6. ATnotes

ATnotes ATnotes is a FREE program which creates notes on the desktop. It lives in the system tray, takes very few resources, and supports a lot of languages.Dont lose your notes anymoreWith ATnotes, you will never miss important events or lose information. You can organize your notes by using folders, set......

7. Jottinx

Jottinx Jottinx: take your notes wherever you go.SimpleFocus on one thing only: write your notes.OrganiseGroup your notes in books, and add tags on the fly, so you can switfly find your notes later.CleanUsing our editor it will be very easy to write good-looking notes.......

8. Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes If your memory unable to remember some important task & thought to Getting ready for download this app.Sticky notes application provide many features for your android mobile. With the help of this features, you can write your important plan, store some item list, creative idea, share your text with family......

9. MemoMaster

MemoMaster MemoMaster is a free outliner software to create, administer and reference texts and calculations in the familiar tree structure. It enables intuitive searching, browsing, and organization of information.......

10. Journey

Journey Journey is a Journal App with a Human Touch.Capture life moments, from everyday thoughts to useful travel logs, Journey helps you to rediscover the joy of journal writing through the warmth and humanity of the interface. Journey presents your life beautifully in calendar, photo and atlas view, allowing you to......

11. Stickies

Stickies Stickies is a PC utility written to replace Post-It-style notes left stuck to your monitor. The design goal behind Stickies is that the program is small and simple. Stickies will not mess with your system files, or write to the Registry. Stickies stores all information in a single text-based INI......

12. GumNotes

GumNotes GumNotes - Find your notes when you need them! The best combination to stick your notes easily to your document. Use the Gum-Effect! Annotate Websites: Add notes to websites in Firefox, Internet-Explorer and all other website-browsers.Annotate your Documents: Word, Excel, Images and all other documents.Annotate your Outlook: Emails, Followup-Emails, Contacts,......

13. iNote

iNote iNote Free is a simple and quick sticky notepad app. This helps you organize your notes, memos, messages, emails, shopping lists, check lists and to-do lists by COLOR. Taking color notes with iNote is never easier than before.MANAGE NOTE BY COLOREach note has a main color so you can group......

14. Note-Ify Notes

Note-Ify Notes Note-Ify Notes is a simple Markdown based note-talking app. Write down ideas while you work. Keep a diary. Write memos and practice "freewriting". Note-ify - universal notebook for all of your thoughts.Key Features Quick create notes from menu bar Organize notes by colors Text formatting (Markdown format) Full control from......

15. Sticky7List

Sticky7List Sticky7List is a free add on for Windows 7 Sticky Notes utility. It gives you a nice, zoomable two-pane view of the Windows Sticky Notes. It works in Windows 8 and 8.1 too.Features:1) Browse through all the sticky notes in a two-pane list.2) Zoom the notes to view them clearly.3)......