Top 15 OpenLP Alternative and Similar Softwares | Apr 2021

OpenLP is an open source lyrics projection application developed specifically for churches. It's licensed under the GNU General Public License, which means that it is free to use and distribute, and it stays free.


Some of the features you'll find in OpenLP 1.2:

* Add and edit songs.
* Preview songs, Bible verses and images.
* Comes with two translations of the Bible - KJV & ASV.
* Import a Powerpoint presentation (PowerPoint XP/2002 and up required).
* Present your presentation from within
* Show videos.
* Show images.
* Slide themes, with gradient, image and colour backgrounds, fonts & font effects.
* Import and export of themes.
* Saving and opening of Orders of Service.
* Announcement pop-ups.
* Custom slides.
* Multiple Bible verses per slide.
* Themes set either globally, per Order of Service or per song.
* Import Bibles from CSV files.
* Search through all words in every song in database for a certain word or phrase.
* Search through all words in a book of the Bible for a certain word or phrase.
* CCLI/SongSelect integration.
* Link audio tracks to songs, e.g. for use as backing tracks.
* Translations for Afrikaans, Deutsch, English, Portugues-BR and Español.

1. Quelea

Quelea Quelea is an open source lyrics projection package aimed at churches. It can import songs from a variety of sources, including the survivor songbook series, and as well as lyrics contains support for almost any type of video you can throw at it, powerpoint, DVDs, images and more. It's powerful,......

2. FreelyReceive

FreelyReceive Join the world's first cloud-based church lyrics display software at FreelyReceive's Worship Words!Learn more by watching the tutorial video at:

3. LyricsPro

LyricsPro LyricsPro is the Android alternative to EasyWorship . Paid and Trial versions are available for download from the Play store.......

4. FreeWorship

FreeWorship FreeWorship is a new versatile, easy-to-use, and reliable worship presentation software designed for churches, christian unions and worship sessions. Best of all FreeWorship is totally free. FreeWorship aims to offer as many features as possible while maintaining a simple interface for ease of use. It supports songs, bible verses, videos,......

5. OpenSongApp

OpenSongApp OpenSongApp is designed to allow musicians, worship leaders, etc. use their Android tablet as a portable songbook using their collection of OpenSong songs. It is also slowly becoming a port of OpenSong for the Android platform and allows tech teams to display lyrics, slides, scriptures, etc. via a connected projector.......

6. VideoPsalm

VideoPsalm Free Christian lyrics and Bible verses presentation software, accelerated!Designed for evangelical churches.Compatible with PowerPoint.Displays lyrics with or without chords, Bible verses, images, videos (wmv) and presentations, using a computer and a video projector.Import from many other formats like OpenSong, EasyWorship, VerseView, etc.Gives access to 300+ Bibles and 10.000+ songs in......

7. c-SPOT

c-SPOT c-SPOT is a Collaboration Web Application designed to help (small) churches plan their Sunday and Midweek services as well as other events.c-SPOT is a tool which helps to manage all event information and processes - the Order of Service, staff, resources, worship song lists for worship leaders, musicians and every......

8. VerseVIEW

VerseVIEW VerseVIEW is a Bible and Song presentation software which will benefit your Church service, Ministry and personal devotion. It enables one to display Bible verses and Song lyrics in multiple languages simultaneously in a presentation format. It is very useful for bi-lingual Churches that use digital projectors to project verses......

9. EpicWorship

EpicWorship EpicWorship is a fully FREE, High-Quality Church projection and presentation software. Simplicity is the focus of EpicWorship?. It is designed to not bog you down with complex User Interfaces and what-not. You can access all the features of EpicWorship? very intuitively.If you've ever paid for expensive Church projection software but......

10. AutoLyric

AutoLyric AutoLyric is a powerful & high performance dynamic lyrics search&display software. Main features:•Accurate and Clean Lyrics The lyrics do not contain the non-business-related content, you could enjoy the music with the Accurate and Clean Lyrics.•Accurate karaoke Support display and editing of accurate karaoke lyrics.•Bilingual/Multilingual Lyric comparision-display Support Bilingual/Multilingual Lyric comparision-display......

11. SundayWorship

SundayWorship The software is designed to easily display songs, scriptures and multimedia for use during your church meetings. By using a laptop or computer with two video outputs, a single computer can control a projector and its normal monitor at the same time.The normal monitor shows the software which......

12. ZionWorx

ZionWorx ZionWorx 2014 is high-quality, affordable church presentation software that does its job with no fuss. Feature-rich yet incredibly easy-to-use, it offers hassle-free video playback (with integrated video codecs), plus support for motion backgrounds and live video inputs. It also provides a unique integration with for instant access to popular......

13. Praisenter

Praisenter Praisenter is a free church presentation software package producing high quality Bible verse, song, and custom slides with image, video, audio, translucency and transition support.......

14. ChangingSong

ChangingSong Note: Development has been discontinued.ChangingSong is an free and open-source presentation software to display and manage lyrics, videos and images. It will be designed for live events such as church services or concerts, run on all major platforms and interoperate with similar programs.......

15. Worship Him

Worship Him Worship Him Software was designed to make preparing and executing your worship presentation fast, fun, and easy.No more making slides, just drag and drop your songs and other items to a cue list or easily display them on-the-fly.Time saving features include automatic backups of your song lyrics, song usage tracking......