Top 15 Android Revolution HD Alternative and Similar Softwares | Apr 2024

Android Revolution HD is a ROM for HTC Desire HD |

High Quality & Performance | Official Sense 3.0 Desire HD Android Development

About Android Revolution HD

Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) - official HTC RUU 3.06.405.1 with official HTC Sense 3.0 for HTC Desire HD
This is improved version of stock ROM - no visual changes!
New kernel: (under-volted & tweaked). Details below:
CPU up to 1.61 GHz (1.15 GHz by default) - controlled automatically by built it O/C Daemon. How to use O/C Daemon?
If you want to control CPU manually, you would need SetCPU from here: SetCPU
In SetCPU remember to check "Set on Boot", but using O/C Daemon gives much better performance and battery life
Many CPU governors (SmartAss, Ondemand, Performance, Conservative, UserSpace)
GPU+ patch (Improved 2D & 3D Graphics performance - Thanks to -snq)
V(R) I/O as default scheduler
SLQB Memory Management
CIFS, TUN & UTF8 support
LZMA compression
Wi-Fi module improved drivers
Possibility to change VDD levels dynamically - check question 21 in FAQ
Code cleaned up with custom voltages, tweaks & many more!
You can find custom kernels here
ROOT (SU + SuperUser Permissions - Thanks to ChainsDD)
Fully optimized and tweaked
Unsecured boot.img
Full official HTC Sense 3.0 interface
Newest BusyBox
RAM optimizations
Speed optimizations
2-way recording patch
Enabled GPU UI rendering
SD Card speed tweak
Battery auto-calibration
Data partition special speed tweak
Very fast, clean & stable!
Battery auto-calibration script (Thanks to seo)
Bloatware applications removed (Amazon MP3, SoundHound, etc.)
All system applications updated to latest available
Improved camera performance
Multilanguage (WWE)
Advanced Power Menu and CRT Animation as extra add-ons
Full Arabic and Hebrew languages support! (see the second post)
Zipaligned (Improved RAM management)
Zipalign o ...


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2. Universal Androot

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3. CyanogenMod

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4. Paranoid Android

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5. Replicant

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6. unrEVOked

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7. MultiROM Manager

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8. SuperOneClick

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9. Heimdall

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10. AOKP

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11. Overcome

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12. BlissRoms

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13. Linux Deploy

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14. z4root

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15. Carbon ROM

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