Top 15 ClassMarker Alternative and Similar Softwares | Sep 2021

The ClassMarker online testing website, is a professional, easy to use, online quiz maker that marks your tests and quizzes for you. Create online quizzes free quiz maker.

* Create your own quizzes (import them even)
* Re-use questions from your question bank
* Instant grading and results for both teachers and students alike - If the teacher allows students to see their results right away
* Short answer/paragraph style questions which can be graded manually and then recalculates the total test score
* Multiple question types includeing MC/Short answer/Punctuation checking/True False and more on the way.
* Questions and test instructions have use Rick text available
* Media/image/file uploading
* Export results
* Export full tests (then send the file to a friend to allow them to import and use your test and vise-versa :)
* Create groups of users (each user can be in multiple groups) and access then any tests your assign to their group/s
* A huge range of customizable test settings including:
-Random question and answer ordering options
-Time limits
-Limit attempts allowed
-Limit test result views (then show them to student later)
-Test available date ranges
-Save and finish later modes
-Limit or allow changing answers during test
-Disable printing
-Set pass marks
-Set custom automatic feedback
* No software installation required (Students don't even need flash installed on the PCs)
* Tests can be taken on smart phone/iphones/ipads etc
* Create custom certificates and choose to display them always or only on passing an exam
* Brand test pages
* All student data, tests and results are kept private (even the free accounts)
* Their support team is very helpful should you have any question - Also a great FAQ here
* An API if your organization wants to download results automatically and integrate with your internal systems ...

1. Revision Quiz Maker

Revision Quiz Maker You learn quicker and easier when learning is fun!So no more boring revision cards.Quiz Maker lets you quickly make fun quizzes to test yourself and your friends.Build, Play and Share your quizzes across your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC!***** Features *****- Multiple Choice- Fill-In-The-Blank- Matching- Ordering- Supports Images from Camera......

2. Go4Read | Online Exam Software

Go4Read | Online Exam Software Go4Read has been hosting online exams for a vast range of global institutes since 2013 with easy-to-use interface sets us apart as the leading online testing service provider, benefiting everyone from large corporations to private institute.Go4Read is all-in-one Online Testing platforms. The result - significant cost savings, increasing productivity, and......

3. ExamZone

ExamZone ExamZone is a user-friendly platform that makes exam building easy and accessible to users of all ages and professions. It creates exams with just a few clicks, provides the link or embed option to share it, and allows customization.It enjoys a modern design and great functionality. It's easy to use......

4. FlexiQuiz

FlexiQuiz The easy way to create online quizzes. Create, send and analyze your quizzes, tests and assessments for FREE with FlexiQuiz.......

5. NSES NSES Catch up with intricate Science and Math concepts with NSES app.FEATURED ANIMATIONS OF THE WEEK Free new 3D animations EVERY WEEK across Elementary, Middle and High School levels covering Physical Science, Life Science, Earth Science or Mathematics! Also check out for free SAMPLE TOPICS of the categories in all......

6. SchoolUp™ - Homework Alerts

SchoolUp™ - Homework Alerts Lumos SchoolUp™ is a free App that helps teachers and parents discover thousands of learning resources while staying connected. Through this app, teachers can easily share alerts on homework, assignments, PTA meetings, supply lists, conferences or extracurricular activities with the parent community. Teachers and parents can also assign relevant, high-quality......

7. Exambler

Exambler Exam Management Made Easy.Exambler saves professors, teachers, and schools time when creating, grading, and reporting standardized exams. Provide actionable feedback instantly and stay on top of your students and grades.Ideal customer is schools, individual teachers or professors.......

8. Airskul

Airskul Airskul is a Free modern learning management system similar to Google classroom but with more useful and cool features like Quizzes, Flashcards, Inviting guests to the class for an interview session, Behaviour recording among others.......

9. We've built a platform that tests professionals across a wide range of useful programming, marketing and business skills. Professionals, students, and educators can use our platform to prove they know a particular skill. Businesses can use our platform to test prospective employees.......

10. Go Commando

Go Commando The Go Commando App is a mobile/web dashboard that connects brands directly to millenials at one or hundreds of campuses within minutes. Brands have the ability to post tasks, communicate directly with students, and obtain proof of work before committing to payment.Since our launch in November of 2014 the Go......

11. Bogglo

Bogglo Brief description:Bogglo allows students to transform their campus into a local store where they can quickly buy and sell what they need. College students are always pressed for time. They do not have the leisure to run around town searching for what they need nor can they afford to sell......

12. OpenEMIS School

OpenEMIS School OpenEMIS is a generic and open source Education Management Information System (EMIS) designed to collect and report data on education systems.......

13. Piazza

Piazza A Q&A platform for students and their instructors.......

14. iTeacherBook

iTeacherBook Welcome iTeacherBook, most comprehensive planner for teachers exclusively!iTeacherBook is a sister app of iStudiez Pro and mutual integration of both is planned to be implemented in the near future.Managing both your schedule and your students’ progress can be a challenge, but not with iTeacherBook:PLAN YOUR SCHEDULEUniquely designed interface will let......

15. Archivist Online

Archivist Online Archivist online is a school management software that maintains School Fee, Examination, Student Profiles, School Accounts and increases schools productivity.Archivist online is a compact package and multipurpose school management suite that helps to increase efficiency and productivity of educational institutes many fold. It is designed to provide state-of-art web technology......