Top 15 Vesta Alternative and Similar Softwares | Mar 2024

Web Server
DNS server
Database Server
Mail Server
FTP Server
Nginx out of the box
SSL certificates & SNI
Wildcard support
Vesta is a feature-rich hosting control panel.

Configuration Templates
DKIM support
Fast Backups
Easy update manager
System Monitoring
AntiSpam / Antivirus
WHMCS billing support
Simple and Clean GUI
Powerful CLI & API
Secure Platform
GPL v3 License

1. ServerPilot makes it easy to host WordPress and any other PHP sites on DigitalOcean, Linode, Rackspace, Vultr, and other cloud providers. By turning any server into an optimized PHP and WordPress hosting platform, ServerPilot makes it simple to run your sites in the best way possible: on cloud servers.......

2. Core-Admin

Core-Admin Core-Admin is a server administration panel that allows to handle several servers with a single web console. It provides an ISP ready solution to manage Web hosting, mail, DNS and FTP. It is available a Free Edition with unlimited domains and a commercial edition with technical support and additional features.......

3. Sentora

Sentora Sentora is an open-source web hosting control panel built specifically to work on a variety of Linux distributions. Sentora is licensed under the GPL and is a separately maintained fork of the original ZPanel project.......

4. Sentora for Windows

Sentora for Windows Sentora for Windows panel fork of ZPanel Windows version by MarkDark, Senior Member of Community ZPanel/Sentora......

5. HotspotSystem

HotspotSystem What We Do: HotspotSystem provides hotspot management and billing services for businesses or individuals who want to provide internet for their customers. Hotspot Software: Our Hotspot Software is running on the router, no computer is required.Control Center: Cloud-based solution lets you manage unlimited hotspot locations from the Cloud.Supported Devices: Our......

6. cPanel

cPanel The cPanel and WHM software package makes life easier for web hosts and the website owners they serve. It offers easy-to-use, powerful tools that perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably.......

7. Enkompass

Enkompass Enkompass is a control panel solution for website owners, resellers, system administrators, and offers a full-featured API for developers. Enkompass offers a web hosting control panel system for Microsoft Windows® Server-based hosts. With central management of multiple servers across an Active Directory domain, Enkompass makes it easy to control and......

8. Kloxo-MR

Kloxo-MR Kloxo-MR Features OS: Redhat/CentOS 5 and 6 (32bit and 64bit) or their variants Billing: AWBS, WHMCS, HostBill, TheHostingTool, AccountLab Plus and Blesta (note: claim by billing's author) Web server: Nginx, Nginx-Proxy and Lighttpd-proxy; beside Httpd and Lighttpd (in progress: Squid, Varnish, Hiawatha, ATS and Httpd 2.4) *) Php: Dual-php......

9. Webmin

Webmin Webmin is a web-based system configuration tool for Unix-like systems, although recent versions can also be installed and run on Windows. With it, it is possible to configure operating system internals, such as users, disk quotas, services or configuration files, as well as modify and control open source apps, such......

10. goPanel

goPanel goPanel is the most intuitive OSX App to manage web servers, an alternative to existing control panel softwares you install on your Unix based servers for web hosting.Easy to install and configure Apache, php, mysql, ftp, domains and emails on your server goPanel APP lets you easily connect and manage......

11. Froxlor

Froxlor Froxlor: The server administration software for your needs.Developed by experienced server administrators this open source (GPL) panel simplifies the effort of managing your hosting platform.......

12. ZPanel

ZPanel ZPanel is a free and complete web hosting control panel for Microsoft® Windows™ and POSIX (Linux, UNIX and MacOSX) based servers. ZPanel is written in PHP and uses several open-source (or freely available) software packages to provide a secure, web hosting system. Learn more...The ZPanel project consists of team members......

13. OpenPanel

OpenPanel OpenPanel is a free open source control panel. It has lots of functionality, an attractive interface and is very user friendly. OpenPanel is a platform for developers. Because it is extremely open and modular it can be utilised to control any process on a Linux server.Attractive GUI — The OpenPanel......

14. InterWorx

InterWorx The InterWorx Hosting Control Panel is a Linux web hosting control panel offering a plethora of features for both the system administrator and website owner. The panel also offers clustering in order to be able to expand beyond what the conventional stand-alone server can offer.......

15. ISPmanager

ISPmanager ISPmanager is one of the leading web server control panels on the market. The control panel allows you to manage your entire web-server through a user friendly and comprehensive multi-language web interface. With the click of a mouse you can manage users, hosting packages, mail boxes, databases and much more......